Easy Animator Pro
Quick & Easy Animation for Video, Social Media, Websites and More! 
Version 2.2 just released with New UI Improvements!
Some Incredible
  • Millions of Animation Possibilities
  • Powerful & Easy Text Animations
  • Break Apart SVG Images & Animate
  • Powerful Presets For
    Animation At A Click
  • Search For Images By Keywords

What Can You Do With Easy Animator Pro?
Easy Mode
Simply click on "Animate It" until you find an animation you like!
It's easy AND fun!
Break Apart Feature
Import an SVG image and break it apart into pieces for more cool animations!
Animation FX
Add cool animation fx to your video for more wow-factor in your videos!
Lifetime Updates
10 major updates and counting. 
Easy Animator Pro
What Powerful Features Are Included In The App?
In And Out Animations
18 In & Out Animations Which can be modified with Zoom, Fade, Rotate and Duration Options. 
Pause Animations
48 Pause-state animations -- including the ability to set to none or bypass the pause state
Hundreds Of Bonus AniBits Included Free! 
AniBits animation templates in SVG format that have been grouped to take advantage of the break apart feature and they named by keywords to make it easy to find them with the search feature. AniBits added monthly for members.  
Easy Animator Pro
Amazing Animation Power With A Few Clicks! 
Create Cool Text Animations With A
Few Clicks!
With Easy Animator Pro you can create amazing text animations not possible with any other program. Simply type your text, break the text apart to letters, words, or lines
and animate them with the build in presets or design your own with the In/Pause/Out Animations. It's easy and fun!
Bonus Animation FX 
80 Bonus Animations effects that you can embellish your animations with including the ability to size, color and adjust the delay timing for when they play. 
  • Import SVG, JPEG< and PNG (and soon MP4)
  • Export to MP4 and MOV (with transparency)
  • Export to GIF and SWF
  • NEW FEATURE: Import MP4 and Animate over Video
  • NEW FEATURE: Clone Objects & Text
  • Save your projects for editing later or as templates
  • Undo feature included
  • Use Presets for super fast and easy animations
  • NEW FEATURE: Use System Fonts+Right To Left Support
  • NEW FEATURE: 12 Pause Animations Added!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I’m Offering A Full 30-Day, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee!
Easy Animator Pro
Lifetime Upgrades. Personal and Developer Rights Included!
Check out a demo of the brand new version 2.1 of Easy  Animator Pro:
SVG Masterclass
In this course I take an indepth look at the SVG format and I show you how to edit and create SVG files for programs like Easy Animator Pro (or Easy Animator) as well as SVG files for Whiteboard or doodle programs. I show you how to work with free programs like Inkscape and Gravit.io and I show you how you can make your own AniBit animation templates for Easy Animator Pro as well.
How To Make Quality Video With Easy Animator Pro In About An Hour
In this course I show you how you can use Easy Animator Pro to create professional quality videos in about an hour. I demonstrate creating high quality animations with the features in Easy Animator Pro using a Stop Watch on the screen to demonstrate that creating a pro-quality video with Easy Animator Pro is indeed feasible. You'll also learn techniques that can be applied to any video creation program for efficient and effective video creation.
Easy Animator Pro
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